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Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art (Tephra ICA) is a non-profit, non-collecting institution committed to promoting innovative contemporary art and thinking. The word “tephra” – matter ejected from geothermal eruptions that lands upon, nourishes, and changes the surrounding environment - emphasizes the institution’s belief in the combustibility of creativity and the generation of ideas and growth that the arts can provide.

We work with artists, galleries, institutions, universities, thought leaders, and collectors globally. We rely on a variety of funding sources for programming, including memberships, sponsorships, grants, donations, and other fundraising efforts.

About new

Anne Smith, A Point of Longing 3, 2020


Tephra ICA is committed to promoting innovative contemporary art and thinking. Leading with curiosity and care, we are a catalyst, generator, and advocate for visual and interdisciplinary arts.


By building intimate connections between our audience and contemporary artists, and offering access and insight into creative practices, we aim to extend our impact beyond the gallery walls and into the community. We strive to create forward-leaning experiences that are globally influenced, culturally diverse, and conceptually advanced. Our goal is to thoughtfully contextualize an artist's work in the historical canon and contribute to the public understanding of innovative art of our time.


We believe in illuminating, mirroring, and programming for the fullness of our shared world. Through collaborative and exploratory work, we create opportunity for important, complex dialogue. We are devoted to celebrating artists and value the power of art to generate new ideas and broaden perspectives.

For a full list of our social and cultural equity commitments, please click here.

Tephra ICA is W.A.G.E. Certified.

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Our Story

Formally known as Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE), the idea of Tephra ICA emerged as the institution’s programs, audience, and impact continued to evolve. We proudly reside in Reston, Virginia, whose founder, Robert E. Simon, insisted that it should be a place welcoming to all people and that it prioritize the arts as essential to a well-rounded life. Founded in 1974 as the Greater Reston Arts Center by local artists and residents committed to those ideas, Tephra ICA embraces the role of helping to fulfill and extend the original Reston vision.

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Video by Studio Sonic

Our Brand Identity Explained

The new visual identity program for Tephra ICA is aesthetically clean, minimal, and contemporary.  Created by Ruth Abrahams Design, the logo is formed using a modern and unique sans serif typeface, and a slightly shifted angle. The font and style choice speak to the organization’s core goal within accessibility. The angle, or shifted element signifies a change and a frame for a new way of looking. It captures mission-related themes of combustibility, disruption, and can be viewed as an edge, a dimension, or a window. The brand color is a vibrant green, representing growth, renewal, and the generation of new ideas and perspectives. Together the elements create a fluid dynamic between timeless and contemporary and between a flat plane and depth.



Jaynelle Hazard
Executive Director and Curator

Erica Harrison
Associate Curator and Festival Director

Sofia Blom
Gallery and Communications Manager

Sarah Berenz
Education and Public Programs Manager

Board of Directors


Robert Goudie

Maryam Ovissi
1st Vice Chair

Charles Kapur
2nd Vice Chair

Jamie Saylor



Ann Barbieri

Caitlin Berry

Elizabeth Bizic

Kerri Bouie 

Jim Cleveland

Christopher Green

Dan Grove

Tom Hendershot

Jim Jones

Charles Kapur

Ricki Marion

Betty McFarlane

Lezley McIlveen

Maryam Ovissi

Maggie Parker

Hereen Patel 

Janet Rems

Justin Ruble

Mike Timcheck

Molly Warnock

Stephanie J. Williams

Peter Winant

Jobs and Internships

Tephra ICA offers internships for undergraduate and graduate students. Areas of opportunity include Exhibitions/Gallery Management, Development, and Education. Internships for college credit are welcomed. To apply, please send your resume and cover letter outlining internship to

Tephra ICA is currently hiring an Education & Public Programs Manager and Interns for Summer Art Camp.

Education & Public Programs Manager

Summer Art Camp Internship

Exhibition Proposal

Khánh H. Lê, artwork from Day Dreams

Exhibition Proposals

Tephra ICA offers a series of exhibitions each year designed to present a diverse array of themes and media. The curatorial staff is responsible for selecting and scheduling all exhibitions. Tephra ICA mounts solo, themed, and juried group exhibitions, which may be proposed and organized by Tephra ICA curators, guest curators, and individual artists.

For questions, please contact Erica Harrison at or (703) 471-9242.

Submit Proposal Here



Tephra ICA gratefully acknowledges the generosity of its individual members and donors, state and county grantors, and corporate sponsors. Tephra ICA is supported in part by ArtsFairfax, Reston Community Center, Virginia Commission for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts. For more information on ways to support, click here.

Tephra ICA, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, follows a nondiscriminatory policy in admission, programs, membership, employment, and contracts. Our facility is wheelchair accessible.

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