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Through the Emerging Visions program, Tephra ICA extends its mission beyond the gallery walls, creating opportunities for students to engage with contemporary art in the classroom. We invite students and educators to participate in this unique, ongoing program designed around our exhibitions.


Each year, Tephra ICA works directly with Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) Art Educators to create an Educator’s Packet that includes themes and supporting concepts to integrate into classroom curriculum for K–12 students. Teachers and students are invited to view the featured exhibition online or in-person and respond to themes by creating their own artworks in a variety of media. Student artwork, as selected by Tephra ICA staff, is exhibited as part of the Emerging Visions exhibition at the Tephra ICA gallery each Spring/Summer. Emerging Visions is a free program.

Image of artwork

2023–24 Program

Tephra ICA presents its sixth year of the Emerging Visions program for K–12 students in Fairfax County, Virginia. The 2023–2024 program is based on the exhibition Choosing to Portage. We encourage you to visit the exhibition starting September 9, 2023 at Tephra ICA.

Learn More About Choosing to Portage Here

Educators and Students will have the following resources available:

The Educator Guide – providing an overview of the program and featured exhibition.

Lesson Plans – designed by FCPS Art Educators and Tephra ICA staff. Three lesson plans are available (elementary, middle, and high school levels).

Expanded Lesson Plans – created by FCPS Art Educators and Tephra ICA staff. Provides suggested art activities for each grade level (elementary, middle, and high school).

Emerging Visions is a free program. For more information or to participate, please contact Lydia Colwell at

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